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The Home MMA Conditioning Workout

by Brendan · 0 comments

I have recently realised that most of you reading this may not live near an MMA gym where you can train and get fit. So I’ve decided to devise a FREE Home Conditioning Workout that anyone can do in the comfort of their own living room. The best part is it only takes a little over 15 minutes a day. So you still have enough free time to watch TV, spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or play video games (Final Fantasy 7 never gets old). In fact you can even do the workout while watching your favourite TV show. Kill two birds with one stone. Why not?

You don’t even need a lot of space to do this workout in fact it can even be done in your bedroom or a hotel room. You only need enough space to be able to lie down fully without hitting your head on anything.

You have absolutely no reason not to give this workout a try.

mma conditioning No pain No gain

A Word to the Wise

This workout is designed to push you but it isn’t designed to cause injury. If you feel any sharp pains or any discomfort besides fatigue and dull aches from tired muscles end the workout immediately.

If you haven’t done anything resembling exercise for  a while I suggest taking it easy for the first couple of workouts. Try to set a pace that allows you to complete the workout or last as long as you can. Don’t be trying to do 15 circuits on your first go, it just isn’t going to happen.

Warm Up – 4 Minutes

40 Star Jumps (also known as Jumping Jacks)
1 Minute of Jogging on the Spot
1 minute of Side Planks (with a count of 5 then switch sides)
1 minute of Straight Ups (slow sit ups where you point your hands above your head to the ceiling)

Make sure you warm up properly and get the blood flowing round your body to every muscle before you begin the workout.

The MMA Conditioning Workout

mma workout
Don’t be put off by the apparent simplicity of this workout, it is designed to give you a full body workout that will build lean muscle, and give your heart a good workout. These types of workout also burn more calories that simple cardio. I love to go for a good run but I would rather do what is more time-efficiant and what will give me better results. We are working out all the major muscle groups in our body using just three exercises!

If you recall I reviewed Georges St. Pierre’s RushFit on here a while back (which I fully recommend). But every workout in that DVD set is basically doing exercises that work out the same muscle groups as in this workout. So I am giving you a RushFit alternative for absolutely nothing. That’s the sort of guy I am :)

Level 1

Time: 15 minutes
20 Squats
15 Press Ups
15 Sit Ups (Reverse Crunches if you are prone to bad backs)
The idea of the workout is to bash out as many circuits of the above exercises as possible in 15 minutes. Of course keeping perfect form throughout, I do not want you getting injured trying to get fit, that would be pointless. If you are lay up in bed for a month with a bad back you will have lost any benfit of excersing in the first place. If you need to rest try and wait until the end of the current circuit but if you really can’t make it to the end just rest where ever you are.

If you start to feel any discomfort in your back doing the sit ups switch to Reverse Crunches.

Once you mastered that you can move on to the more advanced workouts

Level 2 (Novice)

Time: 15 minutes
20 Squats
20 Press Ups
20 Sit Ups (Reverse Crunches if you have a bad back)

The extra 5 sit ups and press-ups in the workout are really going to make your arms and core burn after a few circuits.

Level 3 (Advanced)

Time: 15 minutes
25 Squats
25 Press Ups
25 Sit Ups (Reverse Crunches if you have a bad back)

This is where it starts getting really difficult. Now we separate the men from the boys!

Level 4 (Expert)

Time: 20 minutes
25 Squats
25 Press Ups
25 Sit Ups (Reverse Crunches if you have a bad back)

If Level 4 was in a video game it would be the final boss right at the end of the game. It really is that tough!

Level 5 (Aka The Killer!)

Time: 20 minutes
30 Squats
30 Press Ups
30 Sit Ups (Or Reverse Crunches)

This will literally kill you, chances are it will break you mentally half way through and make you want to give up. Only attempt Level 5 if you are in a good level of fitness and have found the below levels too easy. At the time of writing I can’t even do this workout *yet*

The Aftermath

tired Getting up may be difficult at the end of the workout

After the workout you should be sweating like a crazy man not to mention tired as hell. It’s tempting to run off for a shower right there and then but make sure you stretch off to prevent any injuries before you go and get cleaned up.

The first couple of times you do this workout you will feel sore the day after but don’t let this put you off. That is just your bodies way of letting you know that it isn’t used to training at this level and intensity. Keep it up, getting in the best shape of your life is going to take some work.

Pick two or three days each week to do this workout
I hope you enjoyed this post and get a lot of value out of it. I use this workout myself and I always feel great after I’ve done it. Try it three times a week for a month and see how much fitter you feel at the end of the month. I guarantee when you’ve lost weight and feel twice as strong as you were before you’ll have the uncontrollable urge to name your first born after me. You don’t have to do that for me, just call it Megatron instead, much cooler.

Don’t over think your workouts. Like Nike says Just do it.

Honestly nothing would make me happier than to get an email in 6 months time telling me you’ve lost x amount of weight using this workout. I only make enough money from this site to cover my hosting costs. I genuinely do this because I enjoy helping people. So if it helps you in any way please let me know.

If you have any questions leave me a comment and I answer them all for you. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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