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Flexibility For Mixed Martial Arts

ryan hall flexibility

by Brendan · 0 comments

When super grappler Ryan Hall isn’t winning his MMA fights or dealing with drunk assholes in restaurants he’s competing (and winning) in BJJ. A big part of Hall’s success is his awesome guard. He got a great guard by spending a lot of time working on his flexibility to the point where he was super flexible.

Ryan goes through stretches for the entire body and then finishes off with a series of flow stretches, one stretch right into another stretch into another stretch, etc etc. If you follow this series of videos you will greatly improve leg flexibility, hip flexor flexibility, and arm + shoulder flexibility, making your guard much harder to pass and more importantly making you less prone to injury.

Ryan Hall – Guard Flexibility 1

Ryan Hall – Guard Flexibility 2

Ryan Hall – Guard Flexibility 3

Ryan Hall – Guard Flexibility 4

Ryan Hall – Guard Flexibility 5

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