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This was a post that I wrote way back at the beginning of October but I have been holding off posting it waiting for Carlos Condit to fight again. He is due to fight this weekend so here it is I hope you enjoy it.

I’m a big fan of Condit because he always turns up ready to fight, not to lay and pray for a decision.

Carlos Condit ended Dong Hyun Kim’s unbeaten MMA record in spectacular fashion at UFC 132. He delivered a superb flying knee which felled Kim before getting the stoppage with strikes on the ground.

The Greg Jackson fighter is very popular with fans due to the fact that so far he seems to be immune to boring fights. Condit used to be know for submitting his opponents in WEC. It now seems like he wants to change the perception of fans that he isn’t just a great BJJ guy and show everyone he is a well rounded MMA fighter by showing off his crisp Thai Boxing skills.

The beginning of the fight saw Hyun Kim take Condit down before he was able to reverse the position and spring back to his feet. Condit threw a right high kick that missed before following up with a brilliantly timed flying knee, this landed flush on Kim’s jaw dropping him to the mat. The additional punches on the ground didn’t seem necessary as the way he fell to the matt leads me to believe he was already out.

Carlos has said that he loves flying knees and will throw them at reckless abandon if he sees an opportunity to throw one.

“That’s something that I’ve been practising,” he said. “I love throwing flying knees and I just saw the opportunity and I took it. It caught him flush, dropped him and I finished with punches.”

Check out the below gif to see Condit’s Muay Thai Flying Knee against Dong Hyun Kim. Ouch :)
Carlos Condit Flying Knee

How To Perform Carlos Condit’s Flying Knee

A flying knee, known as hanuman thayarn in Muay Thai and sometimes called a jumping knee is similar to a front knee but it differs because it is performed while jumping usually set up by rushing towards the opponent to gather momentum. If you are skilful and quick a follow up knee can also be applied while still in the air like Jose Aldo used to knock out Cub Swanson 8 seconds into the fight at WEC 41. The best way to use this form of attack is when the opponent is off balance of after a particularly devastating strike.

Below is a step-by-step video for how to perform a Muay Thai flying knee. The flying knee is an advanced Muay Thai technique that you can use to finish an opponent after they have already been dazed by another strike or before if you want to be a crazy motherf**ker like Condit. Learn how to do the Flying Knee to the head and knockout your opponent.

I sincerely hope you found this article interesting and useful. I would love to hear if you have tried throwing a flying knee on an opponent in MMA or Mauy Thai (even if you couldn’t quite get it to work correctly).

I would also love to hear if you have any ideas how I can improve these articles so please leave me a comment if you have any tips or suggestions.

As always thank you for your support cheers!

Rear Inside-Leg Attack (and Takedown). This is not a sweeping kick. The impact on your opponent’s rear leg should be solid, causing his knee to either buckle or break so he falls on the ground. This is really cool, it seems quite dangerous to try in sparring though, seems like it would be really easy for my sparring partner to land awkwardly and dislocate their knee.

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