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Alan Belcher – The Truck Position

Alan Belcher

by Brendan · 0 comments

UFC fighter Alan Belcher has released a free video series demonstrating the moves he used on Rousimar Palhares to beat him in their fight on UFC on Fox: Diaz VS Miller back in May of 2012. It is a little known position in grappling unless you happen to be a student of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. The position is called The Truck and I’ve been playing about with it in training since I watched Alan’s first video last week and I absolutely love it.

In this exclusive video series Alan breaks down for you his feared “Truck” Position that is perfect for submission grapplers and Mixed Martial Arts fighters to gain an advantage over people who are technically better (read: spent longer on the mats training) than you on the ground. This move is EXACTLY how Belcher beat Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares in The UFC on Fox. Palhares was known as the better grappler, but Alan strategically used this technique to neutralize his attacks and win the fight on the ground against one of the most feared grapplers in UFC (and all of Mixed Martial Arts) Rousamir Palhares. Now you can be dangerous on the ground and beat higher level ground fighters in Mixed Martial Arts or in BJJ and other grappling martial arts!

Alan gives you all his best ways to enter into the position and how to set up this highly effective move from just about everywhere on the ground.  If you are an aspiring MMA figher or just a grappler looking to beat higher level ground fighter then this video is one you definitely need to watch.

Here is the video of him fighting Palhares and actually putting the truck position into practice. He sticks his knee in to begin the technique at 0:29 seconds and transitions fully into the move at 0:44 seconds. Once he is fully into the truck position Palhares cannot leg lock him… which if you follow professional MMA you know is his favorite move!

Video two in the series has also just been posted where Alan demonstrates how to keep control with the position when entering into the Truck. You can see both videos by clicking here.

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